Braces Prices

Erico : good day! doc…mag iinquire aq about sa price range ng dental braces s case ko po…below is the photo…and severe po ba ang case ko…thank you and hoping for ur reply…

Price for Braces
Price for Braces

Ask the Dentist : Yep. 40K din yan pataas.

Erico : last question po doc, candidate pa rin b aq for braces eventhough extracted n ung left nd right molars ko…thanks alot…

Ask the Dentist : Yes.

10 thoughts on “Braces Prices”

  1. doc tanung lang pho diba pho dapat yung upper part nang teeth yung palabas eh yung akin pho lower part yung palabas brace lang pho bha kailangan nun o may other way pa pho?

  2. Doc magkano po ba mag pa brace ung ngipin ko po sa taas ung parang sa bampira nasa taas po sa baba naman po hindi pantay

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