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David Brown: How much do dental implants cost in the Philippines?

Ask the Dentist: Hi David. Thanks for asking the dentist. Well, a simple google search about “dental implants cost” will easily give you millions of pages which contain semi-correct information about the cost. Finding those pages with correct info about price of dental implants in the Philippines will not be that easy. It’s good you arrived here. From the millions of pages indexed by Google, I found these two pages accurate: Information about dental implants cost blog, which is written by a real filipino Dentist practicing in prosthodontics. But one problem I noticed is, he uses terminologies best understood by fellow dentists and not by ordinary dental patients. Another good website which contains accurate information but easy to understand info is Dental Implants Cost Guide. This one is much easier to understand and all the factors behind the cost are all well-explained. Based on those websites mentioned, and actual discussions and deliberations with my fellow dentists (lol), the dental implants cost in the Philippines ranges between $1,000 – $15,000 (that’s P43,000 – P645,000 in Philippine Pesos). The factors behind this estimated cost are all explained in the said 2 websites. I also want to add that mini dental implants are different from conventional dental implants. Mini dental implants are only used to stabilize your denture. Mini implants are cheaper than conventional dental implants. Choose the conventional dental implants, as mini implants have high probability of failure, especially when installed by dentists with little experience.

Thanks David Brown, please do come back and ask me again. When you’re ready to have your implants done, please go and consult a Dentist, offline aka in real life. As what one of those “implants cost website” mentioned: “There is no online material nor website that can substitute for professional advice.” I agree! Haha!

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422 thoughts on “Dental Implants Cost Philippines

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  2. Reply AJ Sep 8,2013 2:30 pm

    Good eve. I was just wondering if it’s okay to get implants that are whiter than the original ones…? then get the rest whitened after the surgery to match the implants? or do i do it the other way around? I’ve had all my four front teeth extracted because the dentist couldn’t properly remove the bridge.. I wanted to get a new set of crowns/bridge (?) but the dentist damaged my real teeth while removing the crowns.. so she just pulled all four :'( now I’m left with a disgusting denture that’s totally made me antisocial. I’m considering implants and whitening.. I don’t want the implants to match the color of my original teeth.. sooo.. Could I please get your advise on that? Thank you. By the way.. I want to have the procedure done when I come home to PH because it’s way too expensive here in California.. probably in two years time.. how much would it cost for the implants and would it change two years from now?? Thanks again.

    • Reply Ask the Dentist Sep 9,2013 3:40 am

      Saan tinanggal? Diyan? Malamang may sira na yung ngipin or pwede ding wala nang bone support dahil hindi maayos ang hygiene mo. Pwede kahit ano ang mauna.

      • Reply aj Sep 9,2013 7:56 am

        Sa Pinas ako nagpaayos last year.. I just went to a local dentist.. there was nothing wrong with the rest of my teeth.. she was trying to pull the bridge off so i could get a replacement.. then she slipped so naputol ung crown plus na damage ung teeth.. sabi niya let’s just pull them out.. at first, i only had one tooth missing in the front.. the rest ninipisan lang para malagay ung fixed bridge/or crown ata un.. dun kasi ako punta sa mura.. nothing wrong with my hygiene either.. when i said i wanted my teeth whitened.. I didn’t mean na mine were dirty or super dark.. my teeth are already white.. but I want to whiten it more..

        • Reply Ask the Dentist Sep 10,2013 4:47 am

          Laging may presyo ang quality. Kaya kung naghanap ka ng pinakamura, kahit yung abilidad ng dentist na pinuntahan mo, kwestyonable. Maniningil ba ng pinakamura ang dentist mo kung alam niyang magaling siya?

          • Reply aj Sep 10,2013 11:02 am

            If I knew then what I know now I wouldn’t have gone there. It was a big mistake on my part. It cost me my smile. I’m so reluctant to talk to people because of my dentures now.. I’m looking forward to getting implants.. I’m saving up. I just want to know where I can get the procedure done (in the Philippines) I believe in the ability of Filipino dentists.. they can do as good as the dentists here.. so I don’t have to spend triple the amount here kung kaya naman sa Pinas.. Nagkamali lang talaga ako when I went to that particular dentist.. I’m not making the same mistake.. I’m willing to pay this time around. I just want to know the range of the price I should be prepared for and where I should go. I’m from Taguig City area.. and Makati.. kahit saan..

          • Reply Ask the Dentist Sep 11,2013 4:52 am

            70 thousand pataas ang implant.

      • Reply anita Bagayo Mar 31,2014 1:37 pm

        Binonot ang ngipin ko lo g time ago bka mga 20 poydi pkaya ? Down teth ang wala piro not all

  3. Reply erica faith Sep 10,2013 3:34 pm

    hi doc! pwede po ba dalawang ipin lng ipa implant sa may front? pina pasta ko ksi dati. gusto ko ipa ayos pagbalik ng pinas..tnx po

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  5. Reply Vinz Sep 18,2013 4:11 pm

    Doc,nabasag po ang lateral incisor ko sa right at mejo may sira na din yung left… Which will affect may smile pag pinabunot ko… ( wala na din apo akong both first premolar at right biscupid na lang ang meron) Ano po suggest niyo na procedure after kong ipatanggal yung dalawang incisor? Sa lower teeth naman po eh hindi pantay ang central,lateral at canine… Paano po siya mapapantay? Salamat…

  6. Reply kat Oct 7,2013 12:20 pm

    doc gusto ko mging maaus ngipin ko sa taas may pangil pa ko na natira at ngipin sa dulo. medjo mahal po ung implants anu po ba maganda gawin at mapaayos ung lahat ng ngipin ko sa taas at how much it will cost.

  7. Reply Jeric Oct 9,2013 10:15 pm

    Hi doc, Gusto ko lang po itanong kung magkano po ba magagastos ko kapag nagpaimplant ako, yung banda sa bagang katabi po ng wisdom tooth sa may upper right… Kakabunot lang po kasi nya kanina. 19 yrs. old po ako… Nadedepress po kasi ako ehh…

  8. Reply jeeericfernandez Oct 9,2013 10:36 pm

    Hi doc, gusto ko lang po itanong kung magkano po magpa implant ng ngipin, nabunot na po kasi yung ngipin ko sa may bagang katabi po ng wisdom tooth sa may upper right part… 19 years old po ako… Tsaka papano po yung ranging ng tooth implant from 70 thousand to 600 thousand papano po nagkakaiba yun? Salamat po

  9. Reply Melvin Oct 14,2013 7:28 pm

    Good Day Doc! Tanong ko lang po kung magkano po ang Implant ng 2 teeth kase binunot na po yung ngipin ko sa may front. Isa po sa front at isa din sa may left side. I feel ashamed po kase when i’m smiling. Thanks!

  10. Reply sai Oct 20,2013 5:59 pm

    Good evening Doc, tanong ko lang po one hourago po eh nasira po ang ngipin ko sa front, pinapasta ko po sya dati and rooth canal tapos ngayong araw po ay tuLuyan ng nasira though may tirang ngipin na nakautLaw po. whats the best to do po? ayoko po ng pustiso, ayoko po taLaga :( thank you po Doc.

  11. Reply Passerby Oct 25,2013 9:09 pm

    Hi Doc! I currently have dental braces for my teeth alignment but I also need to have my bite adjusted. The dentist asks me that for it to be adjusted, I need to have dental implants since both of my first molars on my lower and upper right jaw are already extracted. I know dental implants are costly compared to mini dental implants, so are mdi’s enough to replace my molars to adjust my bite?

  12. Reply Passerby Oct 26,2013 8:11 pm

    Thanks for the reply, Doc. Can you give me an idea about the price range of the temporary implant screws?

  13. Reply Oct 27,2013 9:36 pm

    Hi.. I’m actually checking the prices of implant rightnow. I’m planing to do my upper part of teeth this Jan.. so pls if u could provide me the possible prices. Thanks

  14. Reply Oct 27,2013 9:39 pm

    And pls how long will it takes to do all my upper teeth?

  15. Reply anonymous Nov 1,2013 12:39 am

    Hi doc may overjet po ako at sabi po nung dentist ko eh masyadong mahina na rin daw po ang ngipin ko para magbraces. pwede po kayang i-replace ng dental implants ang braces?

  16. Reply Alvin Jorge Tambalo Nov 2,2013 1:25 am

    Hi, Last year, I was planning to have dental braces. The problem is, I have an impacted teeth (horizontal) on my lower jaw, both sides po, yong sa pinaka dulo. Tanung ko lng po if kailangan po bang bunutin ito bago ako maka pagpa braces?

    Tapus po kasi may isa po akong ngipin (cuspid tooth sa lower right hand side) na pinabunot nang dentist ko kasi ankylosed teeth daw so para pagnagpabrace ako madali mag move yong teeth ko, so pinabunot ko, unfortunately hindi nabunot nang mabuti nang surgeon at na putol yong crown that was last september 2012 pa. So hindi po natuloy yong pagpabraces ko.

    Right now, I’m planning na magpa braces talaga, tanung ko lng po:

    1. Kailangan po ba talaga na bunutin muna ang mga impacted teeth ko b4 ako mgpabraces?

    2. With regards to my cuspid tooth na di nabunot, anu pong gagawin doon kung magpabraces ako? bubunutin po ba talaga or there are other ways?

    3. Is it okay if upper braces lang po ang gagawin sa akin and not upper and lower?

    Please advise po. Thank you.

    • Reply Ask the Dentist Nov 2,2013 6:21 pm

      1. Magsend ka ng panoramic x ray para makita ko.
      2. Magsend ka ng panoramic x ray para makita ko.
      3. Hindi. Upper at lower lagi ang braces. Mga kulang lang sa edukasyon na dentist ang gumagawa ng upper lang or lower lang.

  17. Reply deng Nov 3,2013 9:25 pm

    magkano po ang dentures if sa baba (full)?

  18. Reply Mandrake Nov 5,2013 9:56 pm

    sir, naputol po ngayun ngipin ko sa harap. isa lang po. mgkano po kaya yun. tsk tsk.. hindi tuloy ako makangiti ngayun.. asar

  19. Reply che rebato Nov 6,2013 12:10 am

    hi po doc…yung ngipin ko po kase is medyo hindi kagandahan…bale yung pong lateral incisor ko po sa right is wala na, yung sa left po is basag so need na dn bunutin kase po kung pasta ay masyado na po malalim yung sira…yun pong cuspid ko is me pasta dn at mejo yellowish na po sya na mukhang me white tartar ang ung central incisor ko po is buo pa pero meron na dn pong sira sa gilid nila pareho…ang recommendation po ng dentist sa manila city hall ay ipa-jacket ko daw po…so all in all, 6 na ngipin na pa jacket po iyon…ano po kaya mairerecommend ninyo doc? send ko po pic ng ngipin ko salamat po

  20. Reply Mandrake Nov 7,2013 3:21 am

    Doc pwede po ba yung ngipin ko nabali sa harapan ipa-jacket ko po?

  21. Reply Jepoy Nov 19,2013 1:42 am

    Doc ako po ung bagang ko ung may problema bale nabulok po ung ngipin ko , kusang natanggal tapos parang nalagyan ng tingaa tapos po ngayon pang nalalasahan ko na po parang amoy bulok na po ano po bang dapat gawin sa gnito??

  22. Reply Lyn Nov 24,2013 11:16 pm

    Doc, ano po kaya maganda gawin sa ngipin ko. Meron po ako 4 teeth sa taas na jacket at ang problema po ang gums q lagi namamaga, madami na po ako inapply para sa pamamaga ng gums pero wala pong pagbabago kahit mag every after 2mos ako mag palinis ng jacket.

  23. Reply Kris Nov 28,2013 2:22 pm

    Hi doc gusto ko po magpabraces kaso my dalawa na po akong kulang na ngipin lower molar po pareho on both sides. ano po kaya dapat kong gawin? ty po.

  24. Reply ron Dec 9,2013 11:04 pm

    Hi Doc,
    Nagpagawa ako ng permanent bridge sa 2 lower central incisor the other day and yung first step ng procedure eh, ninipisan yung anchor tooth.
    napansin ko na yung isang anchor eh sensitive and sumasakit.
    yun pala naka expose ang root. sumobra sa nipis ang pabtabas.

    tapos yung left anchor e sumasakit din from time to time. Dati ng me pasta yung parehong anchor and sensitive din paminsan minsa pero very tolerable.

    tomorrow pa ikakabit ang bridge. 2 question po doc

    1. dapat ko ba ipa rct yung 2 anchor before ikabit ang bridge?
    2. pwede bang pasta na lang dun sa naka expose na root before ilagay yung bridge?

  25. Reply Arbhie Dec 25,2013 7:29 am

    Wow, ang mahal din pala… Kasi dito sa states yung implant is only $750, balak ko sana mag pa implant ng teeth sa pinas pag uwi ko… Maybe punta sa office mo doc. Thanks.

  26. Reply joyce Dec 29,2013 7:12 pm

    magkano po yung full implant? yung buong set of teeth na hindi po isa isa na implant?

  27. Reply Angelica Jan 6,2014 5:24 pm

    Hi dok. Magkano po magpa inplant ng tatlong ngipin lang? Salamat po.

  28. Reply jo Jan 9,2014 5:43 pm

    hello doc good day po, doc posteso na po kasi ung front teeth ko pwedi ko pa po bang ipa implant ito kc po medyo maluwang na kc sya eh and how much po kaya doc tnx :)

  29. Reply GP doc Jan 12,2014 11:40 am

    I had missing teeth, one molar on the right and two molars on the left for for about 28 years na po, so tendency po bumaba opposite teeth sa taas, so I had my fixed bridge po for my missing teeths , and had crowns on the opposite side sa taas ng missing teeth para pumantay sa teet ko but Im really uncomfortable with this. I was really planning to remove my bridge kc because My grind was not normal and medyo sensitive na din kaya I feel pain on the bridge itself. Is it possible po to re-grow ung enamel po ng mga abutment teeth and to havean implant for the three teeth. How much does it cause for the 3 teeth po ?

  30. Reply Jen Jan 14,2014 11:20 am

    Doc, nagpapa-pasta na po since highschool. 18 yrs old po ako ngayon. Naka-dalawang pasta na po yung isang teeth sa front teeth ko sa taas. 4 yrs na po yung last pasta ko. Gusto ko po sana ipa-pasta ulit kasi may cracked na e, obvious but I’m afraid baka po wala ng kapitan. I believe strong pa yung bones e. Yung affordable po sana.

  31. Reply Emem Jan 16,2014 12:42 pm

    Doc my fixed bridge po ako, I have a one missing tooth at the get it complete my dentist asked me to have a fixed bridge..I want the missing one to be replaced by implants and the other two since these are not missing at tinapyas lang pwede na siguro yung jacket..magkano po magagastos ko pag ganun..san po yung location ng clinic nyo?..thanks

  32. Reply jaybhie Jan 22,2014 6:29 am

    hi… ang full body dentestry kaya??? ano b un at magkano?

  33. Reply kaLad kaLvin Feb 3,2014 11:24 pm

    Hi Doc,

    Question po.. When I was younger sa kakulitan ko nabasag ang po Right Lateral Incisor ko. Pero maliit lang naman ung basag po. Nabasag ung bandang gilid po.. Anu po bang magandang gawin duon?! meron bang ibang way aside sa Jacket? Thanks po..

  34. Reply Lizbeth Nirza Apiag-Borillo Feb 7,2014 3:34 am

    Doc, pinabunot ko po kanina ung lateral incisor ko. Then nakabaliko po ung central incisor ko. Gusto ko po sana ayusin un. Sabi ng dentist ko, pwede daw magbrace muna ako para mapantay yung nakabalikong ngipin tapos pag straight na sya, pwede ko na daw lagyan ng false teeth. Pano po yun? may bungi ako habang nakabrace?
    Thank you po!

  35. Reply geraldem00917 Feb 12,2014 4:07 am

    Have a good day po. Nakaranas po ako ng vehicular accidents way back 2008 then i lost my teeth one is in the up and 5 in lower part then yung gums po sa lower part5 para pong lumiit. At karamihan na po sa may bagang na arean about 3 sa left down parts po ay nasira din due to not regularly toothbrush then sa may right ganun din po. Nag iimplant po ba sa may bagang area? and sa harap? if ever po na ganun how much would be the cost

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  37. Reply christine cortez Feb 26,2014 11:56 pm

    good evening doc, ask ko lang po yung situation ko yung upper central incisor tska lateral incisor ko , nakajacket na po , bale pangalawang beses na pong najacket to. tapos hindi pa rin po sya narorooth canal, gusto ko po kasi sana magpabraces , pwede pa po ba ?

  38. Reply Carol Feb 28,2014 9:42 am

    doc, i would like to ask abt my case i had 2 doctors one who puts the crown on my implant and the other one who does the implant , for manyy years i have not put any crown when the implant screw was placed then just last year i decided to finished what is needed for my tooth after the crown was placed in three months the tooth fell off together with the tip/head of the implant ,so they decided to remove the left part of the screw , now my question is should i pay again or its my other doctor responsibility since shes the one who puts a crown that fell and has caused the damage of the implant that was there a long time ?

    thanks pls reply

  39. Reply maribel Mar 8,2014 12:55 pm

    dok pde po ba magpa fixed bridge kht wla ng kakapitan na ipin?

  40. Reply sayti Mar 25,2014 8:49 pm

    magkano po ba ang screw ng pangdental implant yung materials lang just curious

    • Reply Ask the Dentist Mar 26,2014 7:41 pm

      Yung kaalaman ng dentist ang malaking bahagi ng binabayaran mo. Napakamahal ng gastos para matutong magimplant. Isa pa, madaming brand ng implant. Kahit makabili ka ng murang mura, hindi mo bastabasta maipapako sa buto mo yan, dahil may indication bawat uri ng implant body.

  41. Reply charlie Mar 26,2014 11:08 am

    Hi Doc ask ko lang kung ganun pa din po ba ung price pag front left teeth ung papaimplant ?

  42. Reply ryan james Mar 30,2014 4:22 am

    Crush kita.

  43. Reply Serenity Apr 16,2014 12:04 am

    Hello po Doc, sabi po ng dentist ko eh fixed bridge daw po ang dapat sa bagang ko.. I’ve done some reading and researches about fixed bridge at medyo malaki ang disadvantage. So, since isang ngipin lang naman po ang wala, why not just implant nalang po?

    Ang tanong ko po eh, should I go for what the dentist said? Or follow what I think has more advantages?

  44. Reply Shin Apr 16,2014 10:58 pm

    Gudevening dok… Magkano po kaya ang bayad sa 5 ngipin for dental implant. Thank u so much po

  45. Reply nic Apr 20,2014 2:12 pm

    HI doc, as of now my braces pa po ako.. pero wala na po kasi ung dalawang bagang ko sa taas.. magkano po kaya ang magagastos ko for dental implants. natatakot po kasi ako sa mga mumurahing dental clinics eh. kelangan ko kasi sya ipaayos dahil sa pag aapply ko as flight attendant.. salamat doc

  46. Reply jezz May 6,2014 3:21 am

    Why in the phillippines tooth transplant is soo very expensive!!! I’ve talk several person from pakistan,india and nepal my co workers telling that it cost between 3000 to 4000 thousand pesos convert to peso,yung pakistani 4 n ngipin ang pinalagay,s nepal kung kasama 3,bakit mura s kanilang bansa ang transpant s mga ngipin,believe me guys hindi uso ang pustiso s mga ibang lahi.

    • Reply Ask the Dentist May 6,2014 5:58 am

      Transplant ba o implant?

      Kung implant yan, walang 4,000 na implant kahit saang bansa. Mas mahal ang implant sa ibang bansa kumpara dito, India man o Nepal. May mga dentist na Nepali at Indian akong naging kaklase sa specialization ko at sinasabi nilang mura ang implant dito sa Pinas. Pwede mo din i-google ang implant sa India at ikumpara sa price dito.

  47. Reply rowie May 14,2014 10:23 am

    hi Doc ask ko lang po ung 2 ko po kasing ngipin sa unahan pinapasta ko tapos sbi po nung Dentist na pinaggawan ko need ko na pong ipajacket. eh parang sira na rin po kasi ung ngipin ko ayoko naman pong ipabunot at ipapustiso. mga magkano po ba magagastos ko sa 2 ngipin ko pagpinaimplan ko po??

  48. Reply Ria May 29,2014 8:36 pm

    Hi doc! How long does it take for the whole dental implant process take? Im coming home but I only have like 3weeks to stay sa Pinas.

  49. Reply Edith R. Umali Jun 1,2014 2:44 pm

    Hi Doc 53 yrs old nko talagang pangarap ko mag pa implant nuon pa. Tagsng pahirap tong dentures ko nagkaka imperiority ako. Full denture nko. Pwede pa ba? Mag kano ba aabutin sakali?

  50. Reply Jackain Jun 3,2014 10:08 am

    Good day Doc.

    Ask ko lang po kung anong magandang option sa kaso ng ngipin ko at can afford po.

    Maganda tubo ng mga ngipin ko maliban sa isa na pinabunot ko 13 yrs ago, 26 na ko this June. Sa right side after ng pangil yung bungi ko, sa nakalipas na panahon dahil di rin ako nagpadenture, nagkaroon ng siwang yung ngipin ko bago sa pangil sa pangharap pa naman. Medyo halata na yung siwang kaya di na kaaya-aya ngumit sa madla. Gusto ko po sanang gawan ng paraan yung siwang at bungi ko. Hanggat maaari kasi ayoko ng pustiso, mahal din braces, yung jacket naman babawasan yung pangil ko at pagkakapitan ng jacket daw bale 3 ngipin.

    Meron po bang denture na walang ngala-ngala?

    Salamat po!

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  52. Reply cliff Jun 16,2014 3:25 pm

    Hi doc..naaksidente po last saturday naputol po ung lateral incisor ko. Natamaan din po tong central incisor ko natapyasan po ng bahagya sabi po ng dentist na nagpacheck upan ko eh hndi na daw po majajacketan

  53. Reply Noel Jul 2,2014 1:30 pm

    Doc tanung ko lang po kung pwd pa ipafixed ung ngipin sa harap ? and how much it will cost. Tanung ko din po kung anu ung mga main reason kung bakit kailangan minsan i root canal ung ngipin? medyo malaki na po kasi ung butas pero ndi naman po sumasakit kapag umiimom lang po ang tubig na malamig nkakangilo.
    thanks po

  54. Reply dexter Jul 4,2014 5:22 am

    Doc ask ko lang kung magkano kaya aabot ung implant bridge or mini_implant sa harap parte na baba anim ung wala na ipin isa dun ung pangil

  55. Reply chuc Jul 5,2014 5:57 am

    hu doc good morning po. doc diba pag nabunutan ang ngipin mo 10years – 20years ago eh magflaflat yung gums mo, ang tanong ko po kung magpadental umplang ka ba babalik ba yung gums na palang walang bunot at hindi ba iitim ang gums?. at isa pa pong tanong ko kung magpa fixed brigde ka po ba iitim ba ang gums mo or may other way na para hindi umitim ung gums mo?. thanks..

  56. Reply chuc Jul 5,2014 6:25 am

    san po ba yung clinic nuyo doc?

  57. Reply chuc Jul 5,2014 9:42 am

    doc bat umaabot ng 70k pataas yung implant? nakadepende ba sa matilyares na gagamitin? at yung pastas po bakit bo umaabot ng 500 pataas? nakadepende ba sa sira ng ngipin o sa matilyares din?

    eh doc panoorin niyo po tong link na ububugay ko bakit ndi den umitum yung gums niya?


    doc san po banda sa manila yung clinic niyo gusto ko pong magpacheck-up sa inyo..

  58. Reply chuc Jul 5,2014 9:45 am

    A standard dental implant costs P80,000 to P200,000 each..ito po doc may nabasa po ako na umaabot ng 200k yung isang implant bakit po umaabot dun?

  59. Reply Jerick Gagarin Jul 9,2014 9:29 pm

    Dok meron po akong walang ngipin sa front dalwa po sya pero napapagitnaan po sila ng isa ko pang teeth ngaun po nka pustiso ako meron po kc akong dentist dito at sabe nya pa jacket lang daw po ako pero diba ijajacket lang kapag bungi eh wala na po akong ngipin at nkapustiso na nahihirapan po tlga ako dito sa pustiso ko magkano po kaya aabutin ng dalwang ngipin ko kahit ano lang pong klaseng ngipin ang ilalagay na basta hindi po natatanggal or hindi halata salamat po :)

  60. Reply bam Jul 25,2014 9:07 am

    hi much po ang implant? i have week tooth and i lost total of 7 and i think its not stopping there..

  61. Reply Sephiroth Jul 25,2014 11:53 pm

    Pede ba ako mag Dental Implant kahit nakapag Fixed Bridge na ako? kung baga tatangalin ang Fixed Bridge para lang makapag Dental Implant. Pede ba yun?

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  63. Reply she Jul 30,2014 4:33 pm

    hi doc nagpa pasta po kasi ako 4yrs ago sa front upper teeth ko..kaso after 1 week sumakit sya so bumalik asko sa dentist ko sabi nya may natamaan daw kasi syang ugat.monthly sya sumasakit..anong gagawin ko

  64. Reply Lorna Aug 9,2014 6:02 pm

    Hi doc. Gusto ko po malaman kung pwedeng ipawhitening yung ngipin kahit may pasta?.

  65. Reply Joshua Aug 16,2014 3:40 pm

    Doc, nabali po ung ngipin ko sa harap … May natira pa po syang ngipin … Mejo sira na po sya … makakaya paba to ng white filling ???

  66. Reply APRIL31994 Aug 22,2014 3:47 pm

    Doc,ask ko lang po kung ano ano po yung ibang uri ng implant at ano yung pinakamura, meron po kasi akong pustiso na ngayon gusto ko na po syang ipaimplant kaso dalawa yung bungi ko isa po sa harapan tapos po isa po sa kanan na pang-apat sa dulo or pangatlo sa dulo, pwede po bang sakaling kahit isa muna po ang ipaimplant ko,yung sa harapan muna po, pwede po bang iwan kop muna yung isa tutal hindi naman po sya masyadong kita, ang point ko po ano kahit isa lang po ba syempre walang ngipin po yung isa eh ipapaimplant ko po yung isang Front teeth hindi po ba luluwag yun kahit walang isang ngipin din sa taas?. Thank you po

  67. Reply APRIL31994 Aug 22,2014 3:56 pm

    Yung pareho nga po palang ngipin doc parehong nasa taas yung front teeth sa kanan tapos po yung isa tatlo ang pagitan na ngipin din sa right side sa front teeth na bungi na wala din pong ngipin. Thank you po. :)

  68. Reply Blue Aug 26,2014 2:30 pm

    Goodafternoon po doc, ask ko lang po kung kahiy parehong walang ngipin sa taas pwede po bang isa muna? Angkinakatakot ko po kasi baka pag isa lang ang pinaimplant ko at maiwan yung isa baka po lumuwag kasi baka po magadjust pa yung bones mo kasi may bago pong ngipin na isa at maiwan ang isa baka po dahil wala pong ngipin yung isa yun po yung magcause ng pagluwag kasi po hindi po magiging pantay ang pagsikip nya. Thank you. :)

    • Reply Ask the Dentist Aug 27,2014 1:04 am

      Oks. Alam mo na ang pwedeng mangyari, ikaw na ang sumagot, pwede ba yan para sayo kahit possible na ganyan nga ang mangyari. Kunyari sa africa, possible kang magkaroon ng Ebola, pwede ka bang pumunta doon mamaya?

  69. Reply laura Aug 30,2014 10:06 pm

    ask ko lang po doc magkano po yong low quality ng porcelain jacket pag dalawa po at hanggang kailan po tumatagal

  70. Reply jessica Sep 1,2014 7:46 pm

    gu ev po Doc tnong qlang po kc ung ngipin qpo s hrpan n dti q pong pna card jacket ngaun po nasira po siya,nacruck,maibblik p po b un s dti n hnd qna po kailangan magpa dentist o kailangan qng magpdentist?kung skli magkno nmn po ung mggastos?

  71. Reply frank Sep 10,2014 4:12 pm

    Doc goodafternoon pwd ko ba itanong kng anong dapat kong gawin sa ngipin ko dahil nabali sya pangit syang tignan at magkano kaya ito

    • Reply Advanced Dentistry Ph Sep 11,2014 1:09 am

      On your first question: yes pwedeng mag tanong: on your second question: i can’t give an exact answer on that coz I haven’t seen your case clinicially and radiographically. If you want a definite answer, schedule for a consultation appointment with your dentist / with us. Thanks! We’ll tell you the definitive treatment and alternative procedure.

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  73. Reply dale Oct 9,2014 10:21 pm

    Hi doc. pwede bang magpa braces kahit na may isang implant ako sa harap?

  74. Reply marlo Oct 13,2014 12:54 am

    How much ang 1 tooth implant d2 s pinas? 4 kc s upper ko ang dentures.

  75. Reply dexter Nov 28,2014 8:41 pm

    Doc how much ang 4 tooth implant d2 sa pinas doc

  76. Reply Ghie Dec 12,2014 7:33 pm

    Doc, tanong ko lang po. Wala na po akong first molar, sa lower right, tsaka may impacted wisdom tooth in po ako dun, pero hindi naman sya sumasakit. Gusto ko po sanang magpa braces, is there a chance na ma close pa yung gap dun? at ok lang po ba kahit hindi na palitan yung nawalang ngipin? kasi over crowded po yung ngipin ko. Thanks Doc!

  77. Reply Ghie Dec 13,2014 8:03 pm

    22 po, last week lang po nabunot Doc. Posible po ba yun? Send ko po yung xray.

  78. Reply rica Jan 6,2015 8:25 pm

    Hello po, gusto ko lang po sanang iconfirm kung hindi talaga pwedeng iimplant ang isang ipin sa harap? and itatanong ko din po kung posibleng umabot ng million ang implant ng isang buong ngipin sa taas? dahil dun sa mga poste daw po?

    • Reply Advanced Dentistry PH Jan 7,2015 2:21 am

      Change your dentist now. Im sorry but change your dentist as soon as now. Sa statement mo palang, bizarre yung explanation ng dentist. Hindi nemphasize ng dentist mo yung necessary steps gaya ng bone grafting bago ang implant placement. Possible ang placement ng isang ngipin kung ieenhace yung bone. If your dentist decided to skip this procedure, CANCEL ANY FURTHER APPOINTMENT WITH HIM OR HER. Possible na umabot ng isang milyon, even up to two million depending on the treatment and patient preference

  79. Reply fei Jan 7,2015 1:50 am

    hi doc! magkano po ba pg ngpaimplant po ng 4 teeth sa harap?

  80. Reply Evee Jan 9,2015 11:13 pm

    Hi Doc,

    Natutuwa po ako sa pagbabasa ng mga reply niyo sa mga tao, ang hindi po ako natutuwa is sa ngipin ko at sa sarili ko. 😀

    Just wondering if yung 70k+ price per “implant” includes the abutment and crown na po?

    Plus ano pong ma-recommend mo for 3 missing teeth na magkakatabi (all 3 molars)
    a. 2 implants and a bridge?
    b. 3 implants?

    Thanks Doc!

    • Reply Advanced Dentistry PH Jan 9,2015 11:34 pm

      Naku, marami salamat sa pagiging avid reader sa website na ito. More power to you!

      Well, in that 70k amount, the fixture should include the abutment. But if the patient wants a more aesthetic treatment, there are other sorts/types of implant abutment offered and of course, that comes with a price. The crown is a different payment. Choosing a different sort of abutment doesn’t come with that amount, 70k. An additional fee will be applied.

      On your implant consultation with the dentist placing the implant/s, he / she will conduct a treatment plan quotation just so the patient will know what to expect, payment per se

      I recommend, 2 implant fixtures, then 2 splinted crowns .

  81. Reply Grace Jan 15,2015 7:22 pm

    Hi. Doc, masakit po kasi ngipin ko. Sabi ng dentist ko eh 1. extraction or 2. root canal. Ano po mas maganda at yung advantages and disadvantages pati po yung price na gagastusin?

    • Reply Advanced Dentistry PH Jan 15,2015 9:46 pm

      Best option root canal. If you are to have the tooth extracted, you will eventually have to figure out anong replacement. You retain the tooth, bone loss is prevented. The drawback, the procedure span, takes 2-4 meetings. Price: minimum of 4k

  82. Reply alvin Jan 31,2015 9:34 pm

    gud eve doc..30 yo po ako ngaun may wide space ung tatlo kung ngipin sa harap.. gusto ko kc magdikit ito…kaya pa po ba ng brace ito para dumikit dikit doc?

  83. Reply alvin Feb 1,2015 2:39 pm

    dko po makita doc link pwdi po sa gmail nlng..ty

  84. Reply marivic Feb 4,2015 5:18 pm

    good pm doc….bale pustiso po ang ipin ng mr ko at nangingilo n dw po pgka kumakain natitira p nmn cyang ipin nya n pinagkakapitan ng pustiso nya at lahat ng un ay me sira na.everytime n nginangata nya ng foods ramdam po nya ang sakit ng buong ipin nya ksma n pustiso.ano po bang remedyo ang pwedeng gawin doc?thanks

    • Reply Advanced Dentistry PH Feb 5,2015 1:43 am

      pumunta ang mister mo sa dentista. Just because naka dentures ang asawa mo, doesn’t mean he does not need to come back to his own dentist, na kung kailan lang may sira ng ngipin o butas, dun lang siya babalik — and basically that is the worst case scenario. Self remedy, wala. Dentist ang nagbibigay ng remedy dyan

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  86. Reply lisa Feb 9,2015 4:44 am

    Good Day doc.Diba po 70k+ price per implant. ask ko lang po kung yung 70k+ is whole payment na po ba? Thank you po. God Bless!

  87. Reply ebrahim hassan Feb 14,2015 5:13 pm

    ebrahim from kingdom of Bahrain

    I would like to inquire about the price of Implant and the installation of a fixed upper jaw note that I do not have teeth in the upper jaw

    thank you

  88. Reply jave Mar 6,2015 8:29 pm

    70k ba ang per teeth?kapag sa ibang dental clinic ganon pa rin po ba yung price nla 70k pa din po?

  89. Reply Quiro Mar 8,2015 2:51 am

    Hi Doc. Tanong ko lang possible bang magpa implant ako ng 2 tapos the rest jacket na lang? Budget is around 200-250k. 20 na ko and naka false teeth ako. Yung taas lang naman. Salamat Doc!

  90. Reply ali95 Mar 15,2015 1:21 am

    HI, kahit nag heal na yung gums pwede parin bang magpa implant?

  91. Reply mel Mar 19,2015 8:55 pm

    HI doc,gano katagal mailagay yung implant,balak ko sana mag paimplant pag uwi ko ng pinas 2 months lng ako mag stay,,,

    • Reply Advanced Dentistry PH Mar 20,2015 1:15 am

      The procedure should take about an hour to two. You have to come back to your dentist for suture removal and tissue check in two weeks.
      However, if you had lost your tooth for a long period of time already, you have to undergo bone grafting procedure. That’s imperative.

      • Reply Mel Mar 20,2015 2:29 am

        How does it take to do bone grafting?

        • Reply Advanced Dentistry PH Mar 21,2015 1:30 pm

          How long does it take? 1-2 hours. Depending on site coverage. I will have to see your dental ct scan to give you further information about your case. You gotta come back in 2 weeks time for tissue check and suture removal when bone grafting is performed.

  92. Reply Vic Mar 24,2015 6:24 am

    Hello. Doc I have X ray.
    Can you suggest what good for my teeth?

  93. Reply Vic Mar 24,2015 3:02 pm

    D ko kabisado dito paano I send doc

  94. Reply Danica Apr 26,2015 1:24 pm

    Good day doc, magkano po ang implant if both 1st molar teeth ko sa lower teeth nawala?

  95. Reply denzel Jul 24,2015 7:33 pm

    Dock.ask ko lng po kong mag kano yung implant pag boo pina gawa..

  96. Reply airen Aug 5,2015 7:41 am

    Hi doc magandang araw po
    Tanung ko po sana kung magkanu po ang magpapaplastic jacket?at posteso po?salamat

  97. Reply Lester Aug 10,2015 9:05 pm

    hello po Doc. lahat po kasi ng ngipin ko sira na, may isa po sa harap najacket. di ko alam kung ayos pa to. ano po mapapayo nyo sakin doc? gusto ko sana magpa dental implant. magkano po kaya aabutin nang sakin? salamat po.

    • Reply Advanced Dentistry PH Aug 16,2015 2:17 am

      Schedule for a mouth exam to provide you a better diagnosis. Kailangan ang full mouth xrays para ma identify kunga no ang kailangan pang ayusin further. Clinical examination will not suffice.

  98. Reply jhen Aug 19,2015 11:07 pm

    Doc pwede po bang ipasta ang ngipin na siwang lang?

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