Dental Implants Cost Philippines

David Brown: How much do dental implants cost in the Philippines?

Ask the Dentist: Hi David. Thanks for asking the dentist. Well, a simple google search about “dental implants cost” will easily give you millions of pages which contain semi-correct information about the cost. Finding those pages with correct info about price of dental implants in the Philippines will not be that easy. It’s good you arrived here. From the millions of pages indexed by Google, I found these two pages accurate: Information about dental implants cost blog, which is written by a real filipino Dentist practicing in prosthodontics. But one problem I noticed is, he uses terminologies best understood by fellow dentists and not by ordinary dental patients. Another good website which contains accurate information but easy to understand info is Dental Implants Cost Guide. This one is much easier to understand and all the factors behind the cost are all well-explained. Based on those websites mentioned, and actual discussions and deliberations with my fellow dentists (lol), the dental implants cost in the Philippines ranges between $1,000 – $15,000 (that’s P43,000 – P645,000 in Philippine Pesos). The factors behind this estimated cost are all explained in the said 2 websites. I also want to add that mini dental implants are different from conventional dental implants. Mini dental implants are only used to stabilize your denture. Mini implants are cheaper than conventional dental implants. Choose the conventional dental implants, as mini implants have high probability of failure, especially when installed by dentists with little experience.

Thanks David Brown, please do come back and ask me again. When you’re ready to have your implants done, please go and consult a Dentist, offline aka in real life. As what one of those “implants cost website” mentioned: “There is no online material nor website that can substitute for professional advice.” I agree! Haha!

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Hindi Pantay na Ngipin

Clara: Doc, pano mapantay un ipin koh, kasi hndi po ito pantay?
Ask the Dentist: Mapapantay iyan kung matatanggal natin ang dahilan ng hindi pagkakapantay at papantayin natin sa pamamagitan ng Braces. Mabuting pumunta ka sa dentist upang makita at malaman ang dahilan ng hindi pagkakapantay. Oras na makita kung gaano kalala ng kondisyon, mabubuo natin ang ortho treatment plan para sayo.

I have Cavities

Siko: Eh dok i have cavities. May butas pa. Pwede po ba ipapasta pa yun?
Ask the Dentist: Ang cavity, butas iyan. Ang butas, cavity iyan. Depende yan kung gaano kalala. Kung umabot na sa pulp, 99.9% probability na hindi na puwedeng pastahan. Kung hindi pa umabot sa pulp, pwedeng pastahan o lagyan ng crown.

Bakit nagkakaroon ng cavity ang mga bata

Girlie: Bakit po nagkakaroon ng cavity ang mga bata?
Ask the Dentist: Gaano kabata? Ang kadalasang dahilan, hindi nalilinisan nang wasto ang ngipin ng bata kaya sila nagkakaroon ng cavity. Samahan o ipunta ang bata sa dentista at paturuan ng wastong pag-tu-toothbrush. Mas mainam kung kumunsulta sa Dentistang may training sa Pediatric Dentistry.