Pangil is very vampire like

Rieza Mariel : Good day, doc! If the front teeth is this worse, what treatment coud you suggest? Also, the pangil is very much vampire-like, which, of course, I do not fancy. How could a dentist possibly give salvation to my front teeth? And of course, how much would it cost? I’m looking forward for your positive reply. Thanks a lot, doc!

Sakit sa gilagid
Sakit sa gilagid

Dr. Jesus Lecitona :

Rieza Mariel : Doc. Is there, by any chance, a medication for me wherein I could get the perfect smile without replacing my real teeth with false ones like dentures? This maybe ambitious (considering the severity of my teeth’s case) but I don’t really want to get my original teeth replaced if possible.

Dr. Jesus Lecitona : Pagamot mo yang gum disease mo. Browse mo yung site na binigay ko. Simulan mo dyan.

Dr. Jesus Lecitona : Ang gagawin mo punta ka mamaya sa dentist. Tapos sasabihin mo, ipapagamot ko po itong gilagid ko. Yung dentist na pupuntahan mo alam nya ang gagawin nya dyan. Depende sa lala base sa mouth examination.

Rieza Mariel : Okay doc. Hahaha thanksss sorry okay magta-tagalog na po. Pero based po diyan sa pictures, mga magkano po kaya ang estimated cost ng pagpapagamot ng gums ko?

Dr. Jesus Lecitona : Patingin ng x ray para makita ko kung magkano.

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