Permanent na Ngipin

Pia Karen : Goodam doc. Ano po ba yung other way para magpapermanent ng ngipin pwera sa fixed bridge or implant? Salamat po.

Ask the Dentist : Walang permanent na bagay sa mundo.

Pia Karen : May pinaghuhugutan doc? Haha. Magkano po ba fixed bridge or implant? Ano po mas maganda sa.dalawa? Salamat po. Godbless.

Ask the Dentist : Kahit nga ngipin mo nawala, yun pa kayang kapalit ng ngipin magiging permanent? Madaming klase ng bridge.
Ang implant 70 K pataas bawat isa. For more info visit :

2 thoughts on “Permanent na Ngipin”

  1. good day doc. my daughter (9 y/o) has an accident where she had her permanent front tooth broken. as in cracked into many pieces pero nakakabit pa sa gilagid. as per dentist, she can either have upper dentures with retainer since baka hindi mamanage nung bata ung dentures although she is worrying about sa ibang ngipin pa na lalabas. or jacket crown fixed bridge daw. she advised us to have panoramic x-ray first, then have the tooth extracted. then upper dentures with retainer but she preferred fixed bridge. she estimated the price for 10,000 for the two front teeth. are there other options and was price right?

    1. I need to see the case clinically to evaluate the tooth better. Options for replacement given that the tooth cannot be saved at all, #1 implant (although its too early for the start of treatment but at least you are aware your daughter can have this option. Otherwise..), #2 Fixed Bridge, #3 Removable Dentures. Through clinical evaluation and necessary diagnostics, I’ll be able to find out if the tooth can or cannot be saved.

      If you would like to seek for second opinion on this, you might want to visit our office/ schedule for an appointment: Please do bring the Panoramic Xray as well.

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