Canine didn’t fall off

Daniella : Hi! What would be done to my teeth if my canine didn’t fall off when I was younger that it formed a gap wherein the supposed to be canine grew slantly


Ask the Dentist : Magpabraces ka iha.

Ask the Dentist : Maaayos pa. Gaganda ka pa.

Daniella : My teeth looks like this

Daniella : What other procedures would be done before braces?

Ask the Dentist : Kailangan makita nang personal yan. SOP ang panoramic x ray.

Daniella : How much would everything cost kaya? And how long would it take?

Ask the Dentist : 40K up.

Daniella : Alright, thank you!

Daniella : Is ceramic braces suitable for my teeth instead of the usual metal braces?

Ask the Dentist : Hindi.

Daniella : Alright, thank you!

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