Dental Implants for 4 front teeth

Aldrin : hello doc, ask ko Lang sana ung price range ng dental implant, 4 upper front teeth po. thanks.

Ask the Dentist : 70 thousand pataas bawat isa. Kaya aabot din 280 thousand.

Dental Implants Cost Guide

Comprehensive information about dental implants cost. In the United States, Dental Implants Cost normally ranges from $3,500 to $12,000 depending on several factors. Some of these factors are: 1. N…

Aldrin : oh my, ang mahal pala nun. sige po, thanks for answering.
doc, tanong Lang ulit, other than dental implant, may iba pa po bang fixed prosthesis na mejo affordable? Thanks.

Ask the Dentist : Porcelain fused to metal bridge.

Porcelain Fused to Metal Bridges

The porcelain in porcelain fused to metal bridges should be nearly of equal thickness to avoid the possibility of weakening through uneven stress concentration. To meet this requirement, there shou…

Aldrin : Doc, yung PMFB, kita po ba agad ung metal pag nagsasalita or pagnagsmile? I mean if ganun xa kaobvious? saka how much po ung price range? Thanks.
Aldrin : hi doc, cenxa na, follow up lang po aq sa inquiry ko. thanks

Ask the Dentist : Depende sa gagawa yan. Madami na akong nakitang porcelain fused to metal na pangit. Hehehehe!

Aldrin Castro : aw any recommendations po kung san okay? hehe

Ask the Dentist : Ito ang sample.

Yung unang photo, porcelain fused to metal bridge. Lalaki ang patient.

Yung pangalawang photo, all ceramic bridge. Babae ang patient.

Hindi halata na porcelain fused to metal yung naunang photo.

Ask the Dentist : Malayo ka sa clinic ko. Kaya hanap ka na lang ng malapit sa recommended dentists ko.

Aldrin : actually po location ko po ngayon is sa mandaluyong, san po ba clinic nyo. saka po mas okay po n ayung ceramic kaysa porcelain? magkano po singil nyo sa ganun? cenxa na po dami ko tanong. hehe

Ask the Dentist : Ang all ceramic aka all porcelain 20K pataas kada ngipin.

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