Gaano Ba Katagal ang Braces

Dave : Upper left and right.sungki .

Gaano nga ba katagal ito?
Gaano nga ba katagal ito?

Ask the Dentist : Oks.

Dave : Gaano po katagal yan kapag nagpabrace?

Ask the Dentist : Max of 2 years.

Dave : Yung sungki po? 2 years bago mapantay?
Bubunutin poh ba ngipin sa likod ng sungki??

Ask the Dentist : Patingin ng xray para malaman ko kung bubunutin.

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  1. Hi doc.. I’m a Medtech po.. and Im planning to take dentristry.. will I go straight to proper dent or will i still get my pre-med?

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