Pediatric Dentist Philippines

Carla : Dearest dentist, my son has sweet tooth and he’s only one. A few weeks ago i noticed his front teeth has this brownish stain near the gum area and its breaking a little when you scratch it. Im worried it will turn into toothache and eventually fall. Can you suggest whats best to do? Thank you so much.

Ask the Dentist : Anong location mo? Punta ka sa pediatric dentist. Pero sa ngayon, turuan mo magbrush. Tapos, turuan mo magbrush. Tapos turuan mo magbrush. Kahit kumain siya ng matamis, turuan mo magbrush. Gamit ka ng may fluoride na toothpaste. Pumunta ka ng dentist, pediatric dentist ang puntahan mo dahil mas alam niya ang dapat gawin sa condition ng anak mo.

Carla : Sa laguna po. Safe po b just in case he swallows a little of the toothpaste while brushing? Should i make him drink water after brushing just to wash any residue left? thank you.

Ask the Dentist : That’s why kailangan mo makahanap ng pediatric dentist. Turuan mo maggargle. Or spit. Dumura. Wag mo paiinumin, syempre.

Ask the Dentist : Safe ang toothpaste, pero wag mo namang painumin o sadyain na makainom para lang mabanlawan yung toothpaste.

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