Porcelain Denture

Shiela : Hi doc, i’ve been reading ur q&a in ur website & i find it very helpful… Plus u seem so cool.

Just want to ask what is recommended replacement for my denture. I already have 3 porcelain dentures in my 3 front teeth (pic below)

If possible, please give an estimated cost for different dentures.

Thanks & regards, shiela

Ask the Dentist : Removable denture yan? Madami kang option diyan. Optimum ang implants, mga 210K sa tatlo. Pwede ding fixed bridge. Madaming klase ang fixed bridge.

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Shiela : yes po

Ask the Dentist : Sa fixed bridge, 30 K pataas. Depende sa klase ng materyales. Sa all ceramics aabot din 120K. http://www.denturesguide.com/acb-cadcam/

Shiela : Thanks doc.

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