Root Canal Treatment Cost

Pacheco : Good eve…ask ko lng po kng mgkno mgpa root canal’?

Ask the Dentist : Anong ngipin?

Pacheco : Sa front po..

Ask the Dentist : 3 K pataas.

Pacheco : Gnun po b.thnx

Pacheco : Gud pm..kpg po b ngproot canal my limit n dpt ip ulit?

Ask the Dentist : ANong ibig mo sabihin?

Pacheco : I mean kng aftr 10yrs dpt po pplitan angvroot canal?

Pacheco : Nuh po ms mgnda pabunot or root canal then jacket?

Ask the Dentist : Kapag may problema, i-a-rct ulit.

Pacheco : Front teeth po kc

Ask the Dentist : Oks.

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