Batang pudpod ang ngipin sa harap

Ivan : Good am doc. Yung anak ko po kasi pudpod ang ngipin sa harap. 3 years old po sya turrning 4 po sa march at nagdedede pa. Ilang taong po ba pede ipabunot ang ngipin at ano po ang pede ipainom pag sumasakit ngipin nya. Salamat po and God bless

Ask the Dentist : Ipatingin mo sa pediatric dentist sa lugar mo, sya ang magdidecide ng gagawin.

6 thoughts on “Batang pudpod ang ngipin sa harap”

  1. Sobrang sakit po ng aking bagang mag 2wiks na pero hind nman po sya namamaga kc iniinuman ko ng gamot pwede PO sya ipabunot khit nakirot

    1. Pwede pero the procedure will be tedious kasi harder for the doctor to anesthetize the area and you may have some discomfort symptoms during extraction procedure. Anyhow, pwede naman. Pero may pre operative medication ka na muna dapat inumin

  2. Doc okey lang po ba na plastic ang gawing permanent crown/bridge? 2k kada isang ngipin. Mahal po kasi ang porcelain kaya plastic ang offer ng dentista po.

    1. Professional opinion on this, hindi. Plastic is only used temporarily. Plastic has its indication which mainly circumvents as temporary restoration. i do completely understand that the porcelain material is costly versus the plastic. But did you try to discuss with your doctor regarding possible payment plans or terms? kung hindi naman, why not save up for the porcelain crown? save up ka in 3 – 4 months time. Plastic material cannot withstand that occlusal stresses and function long term wise. That’s why highly recommended yung porcelain because studies have shown and even clinical observation, this lasts longer

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