Bridge in the Philippines

Kenneth : Hello po Doc! tatanong ko ano pwede kong gawin kasi po yung lateral incisor sa left side nabungi na bale ano po pwede kong gawin? option po ba na mag pa bridge? at kung ibibridge po ba anong klase po? ask ko narin po yung about maryland bridge. Thank you po in advance. good day po!

Ask the Dentist : Yes. Pwedeng bridge. Pwede ding implant.

4 thoughts on “Bridge in the Philippines”

  1. Doc nkabrace ako right now my problem is I noticed na I have narrow and asymmetrical jaw my dentist didn’t use palatal expander prior putting braces my question is pede p b akong mag palatal expander?

    1. Interesting question. First off, I have not seen you personally together with the necessary diagnostics such as your radiographs (Panoramic, Cephalometric), your cast. I have not seen your mouth. I have not seen you sitting on my chair unit, nor even performed intraoral examination. I have not seen your jaw, nor your palate. Anyhow, your dentist knows best. Kung mas marunong ka pa sa dentist, then be the dentist yourself.

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