Need for RCT

Roselle Anne : doc, kumirot un upper ryt na molar q na nsa upper ryt, nung kinatok nung npauntahan ko na unangdentist(nsa mol) sbi skn un pasta e me butas ata. wat she did is resetahan aq ng gamot na tinetake ko naman. sbi skn i hv 2 choices root or bunot. as for now nwala na uli un pain at dna po aq bumalik pa duon. i went to anodr dentist(in a nearby establishment nir palengke) and she told me no nid for any root or extraction, pasta at fluoride tritment lang katapat nyan which made me happy. brittle kc ipin q so nid lang daw patibayin. cnu po papanigan nio. and howmuch po fluoride varnish sau? by d way pinababalik aq nxwk. she also asked me to take amoxci. 3tyms a day for a week

Ask the Dentist : Ipaxray mo tapos send mo x ray sa akin.

Roselle Anne : ok po.
one tym tritment lang po ba un fluoride varnish?

Ask the Dentist : Ipaxray mo muna tapos send mo sa akin yung xray.

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