Apicoectomy Philippines

Arianne : doc sinurgery po ng dentist ko ung ngipin ko na n-root canal nia. Pre molar po cia, sa tabi ng pangil. Ang sabi po nia need daw po putulin ung ugat kaya kelangan isurgery, mdame po kcng nana ung sa may ugat, ndi natanggal nung n-root canal. Ganon po ba talaga un? Ang sakit po doc sobra, hiniwa nia po ung bandang gilagid ko, ndi po namin ntuloy ung procedure kc ayaw po umampat ng dugo ndi daw po nia makita ung ugat. Ayoko na pong ulitin ung surgery. Ntrauma na po ko. Sabi pa po nia ndi nia pdeng ikabit ung jacket hnggat ndi npuputol ung ugat. Sana mtulungan nio po ko. Thanks po.

Ask the Dentist : Base sa kwento mo ay tama ang ginawa niya. Ang mabuti pa ipaxray motapos send mo dito angxray para makita ko.

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  1. Hello po doc! I have tooth abscess din po and I was suggested apicoectomy. Mga how much po cost of that procedure? Parang nabanggit po na it may have affected 3 teeth already. Although I am to meet pa the oral surgeon they are recommending and might have a second opinion pa din sa kilala ng sister ko. Pero need to know how much po para ma-prepare ko na. Thanks po!

      1. Doc, pinasend ko sa friend ko and nasend na daw nya. Ifoforward na lang daw po nya sa akin reply nyo. Thanks po!

  2. Hi. My dentist advised me to have apicoectomy since my root canal 18 years ago seems to have failed since I’m experiencing tolerable pains from time to time and there’s abscess coming out from my gums sometimes. What if I don’t get the surgery? What could be complications of the infection?

    1. Infection will continually grow bigger until there is no way the tooth could be saved. Infection will circumvent inside your mouth, bloodstream, and entire system which obviously doesn’t sound a good thing. You are but left with this options: have the tooth extracted or replace the tooth with a prosthesis (fixed – implant, removable- partial denture).

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