Tilite Bridge

Mary : Doc good day po. I would like to ask kung ano po ba best remedy dito sa teeth ko. How much will it cost po if ipa bridge ko? Or kung ipa implant po ang 3 missing front tooth? I hope you could take time to answer my queries doc. Godbless po and more power.

Ask the Dentist : Pwede yan implant, bridge or dentures.

Mary : Magkano po ba gagastusin if bridge doc?

Ask the Dentist : Ang suggestion ko ay magpapanoramic xray ka muna, para makita natin kung ano ang pwedeng kapitan ng bridge.

Mary : I consulted a dentist po here in cebu. Is it a reasonable price if 7 units of fixed bridge and 10,000 each? Thanks po doc.

Ask the Dentist : Yes. Depende yan sa klase ng bridge. May bridge na 20 K per unit.
20 K per unit : http://www.denturesguide.com/acb-cadcam/

Mary : Talladium daw po doc. Is it a good material? Sabi nya long lasting daw po.

Ask the Dentist : Talladium is tilite.

Tilite Prosthesis in Dental Implantology
Black gums and Allergic Inflammation of gums This really is frequently triggered by low quality alloy. Lesser quality alloys frequently contain non-refined metallic elements which yield toxic subst…

Mary : Thank you doc.

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