Carranza: How can we prevent gingivitis?

Ask the Dentist Philippines: Thank you for your question Carranza. Gingivitis is inflammation of the gum tissue. It is the most common form of periodontal disease. The most common form of gingivitis is in response to bacterial biofilms adherent to tooth surfaces, termed plaque-induced gingivitis. In the absence of treatment, gingivitis may progress to periodontitis, which is a destructive form of periodontal disease.

Some symptoms of gingivitis include: swollen gums, bright red or purple gums, gums that are tender or painful to the touch, bleeding gums or bleeding after brushing. Gingivitis can be prevented through regular oral hygiene that includes brushing and flossing. Interdental brushes are also useful in cleaning the teeth from plaque. Mouthwashes may also be employed. The focus of treatment for gingivitis is removal of the cause.

Periodic visits to a dentist together with adequate oral hygiene are effective ways to prevent gingivitis. Scaling, root planing and curettage are done by your dentist. Remeber Carranza. You should visit your dentist so that he assess your condition and recommend the best treatment for you. There is no online material nor website that can substitute a professional advice.

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  1. Gud am poh..namamaga poh kxi ang gums koh tapos ng ka red spots sa ngalangala koh…ng pa check up poh akoh sbe nila gingivitis dw..cause dw nun ehh sa hygiene…isip koh everyday naman ng totoothbrush 3x a day..den ng floss din akoh everyday andmouthwash…bet ngkakaganun pa din??

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