6 thoughts on “Dentist in Pasig”

    1. Hindi yan mamamaga kung tama ang treatment mo. Malamang na hindi ka nagpapadjust. Kasi kung ikaw ay nasa tamang orthodontic treatment, hindi ka aasa sa online. Ang una mong ginawa ay kinontak ang orthodontist mo.

      1. One more thing, dapat optimum oral hygiene. True, it is a great challenge to brush teeth especially if you have braces on. But try to reach all areas as much as possible, especially the narrow areas close to the gumline. Patients tend to forget to clean this area, leaving plaque behind which irriates the gums as time goes by. Its just a matter of brushing and flossing. You may want to consider using electronic toothbrush with a smaller head and waterpik. These both are greater alternatives. Brush, floss, and rinse and be back at your appointed schedule for adjustment and recall/recare exam

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