Plastic Bridge Cost

Mark : Good day doc.
I just want to hear your opinions about my dental treatment and your answers to my questions..
I lost many teeth. upper: both canines, right premolar, right two molars, left second molar but I have two misaligned wisdom teeth.
lower: both four molars
Recently, nagpapabrace ako sa aking upper teeth. I asked the dentist if I could still wear my dentures on even under the tx. He said yes and decided to make a new denture for me.. Now, my braces is in its second week. My question doc, Can this denture affect my tx?(Anyway doc, my teeth are not really that bad.some teeth(2) just need to be move forward) He told me, he’s gonna adjust my denture as time goes by.. Secondly doc, why wasn’t he included my wisdom teeth in the tx.
And doc..he also told me about bridges. He may replace my missing teeth with those after my tx. And i learn from him that bridges could be made of porcelain or plastic. the former costs 4000 each tooth and the latter is 1000 per tooth.. Doc, can plastic bridges be used as a fixed bridge alternative to porcelain?
That’s all doc..
thank you.. hoping for your reply..thanks.

Ask the Dentist : 1st question mo, hindi ko masasagot. Unless nakita ko yang bibig at xray mo personally. Sa bridge, porcelain ang ipagawa mo. Pwede ang plastic bridge sa mga taong grasa at mga taga-sparta.

Mark : what do you mean doc, sparta or grasa? greece or …. thank you doc. God bless

Ask the Dentist : Joke yun. Ang plastic ay hindi dapat ginagamit sa bridge ng pangmatagalan. Inferior ang kalidad ng plastic.

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