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Inna : Good evening! I’m Inna , studying BS Biology. We have a project in our subject and we have to choose a certain profession and conduct a research about it. I chose Dentistry as the profession. The questions given to us are these:
1. How much is the salary?
2. What are the requirements to become a (profession)?
3. What is the ratio of male/female working as a (profession)?
4. Is there a discrimination present among the (profession) with regards to gender, fellow workers etc.?
The answers should be Philippines based and I can’t find links for my answers. Please I really need help.
Thank you. God bless!

Ask the Dentist : Hi Inna. Ito ang mga sagot ko. 🙂
1. Depende sa lugar at specialization. Probinsya ako, Prosthodontics ang specialization, – – K pataas ang kita.
2. 6 years dentistry at kailangang pumasa sa board exam.
3. 5:1 siguro. Madaming babae. Kaya masaya kaming mga lalaki, napapalibutan ng magagandang kaklase sa school. 🙂
4. None. Well sa part naming mga lalaki ha.

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